Venture Capitalists – Cash For Shares

Venture Capital is a type of private equity that works on the basis of cash being invested into businesses in exchange for a share of a business. Venture Capitalists don’t however just offer their skills to a business; they also provide managerial and technical expertise.

Venture Capital is popular among new companies and new ventures. Many of these Venture Capitalists who invest in your business have a background in being chief executives at firms and investment bankers as well as connections with other firms in corporate investment and finance spaces.

Venture Capital is a viable source of financing for a business. Venture Capitalists have the option of investing at any stage of business, whether it is business start up or investing in an established business; however more typically than not a Venture Capitalist will invest in a more established and on going business.

When is comes to the type of businesses that Venture Capitalists invest in they are free to invest in which ever business sector they please, even though if you look at the trend of Venture Capitalists you will see that the main businesses that Venture Capitalists invest in are high tech such as research and development, electronics and gaming industries. Venture Capitalists also deal in large sums of money, which often run into millions of dollars.

Most Venture Capital arrangements have a fixed life of ten years and it should be noted that a Venture Capitalist isn’t suitable for all entrepreneurs; same as not all businesses get the opportunity to use the help of a Venture Capitalist. The Venture Capital market is very selective; a Venture Capitalist may only invest in one in 400 hundred opportunities that are presented to them, so if you want to attract a Venture Capitalist you need to have a well documented business plan and you need to be able to demonstrate how your business will be able to bring in enough capital after the help of a Venture Capitalist has been invested in your business.

If a business does posses the qualities that a Venture Capitalist is looking for, such as a solid business plan, a good management team, investment and passion from the founders, a good potential to exit the investment before the end of their funding cycle and target minimum returns in excess of 40% per year, you will find it easier to get a Venture Capitalist to invest in your business.

A Venture Capitalist will also consider aspects such as:

o Is your product or service commercially viable?

o Does your business have potential for sustained growth?

o Does your management team have the ability to use this potential and control the business through growth phases?

o Does the possible reward justify the risk involved in the investment?

o Does the potential financial return meet the investment criteria of the Venture Capitalist?

Almost three million people in the UK are employed by companies backed by venture capital, according to the British Venture Capital Association. Many of these companies might not be in existence without the injection of cash and guidance venture capitalists provide.

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