Their Satanic Majesties

Here in Greece, my friend and I have been making little orgone generators to try to improve the energy field around our house, because there is so much electromagnetic radiation coming from the cell phone towers and the military, making people sick. These orgone cones are quite easy to make if you have quartz crystals — and we do — and after I had made a few I started “distributing” them around to the tower sites within a 3 or 4 km radius of our house. I used a pendulum to help me find the right spots to leave the generators (also known as Holy Hand Grenades, named by Don Croft who devised the method I am following) — the first few times, I was impressed at how helpful the pendulum was at directing me to places which turned out to be perfect, and which I could not have found on my own. We also have noticed a major decrease in the negative energy we are feeling, and since we started doing this the whole area seems to be changing — it’s hard to say if this is really happening, but it just seems that things are more harmonious, and nature is looking more and more beautiful.

So last week, I suddenly felt the urge to visit Samothrace, a 2-3 hour ferry ride from Lemnos. Themis tried to discourage me, by telling me that there is a lot of black magic on that island. He mentioned reports that members of the British Royal Family are frequent visitors to certain sites on the island, where they participate in secret rituals. My intuition still kept telling me to go, and to bring along one of our orgone generators and plant it there, to improve the energy and foil the dark schemes of Charles and Camilla…

So on Saturday at 6:30 am I took the ferry, and after a very gloomy voyage through fog, landed in the port of Samothrace where the sun finally appeared. The sea was throwing off sparks unlike any I have ever seen before. It seemed the whole island was shimmering with energy and light.

Once off the boat, though, it was just another typical Greek island, with bars and cafes and men sitting around drinking coffee. I had not done any research, so I bought a guide book in one of the shops and quickly read about the ancient mystery site on the north coast of the island, a mere 11 km. from the port. I found a bike rental place, rented an old clunker for $6, and took off pedalling along the coastal road in the direction of the ruined temple of the “Great Gods.”

The sites on the north coast of Samotrace were used by a mystery cult which was second only to the one at Eleusis, involving the goddesses Demeter, Athena and Cybele (Artemis or Diana), with Hades (Pluto) and Persephone in there somewhere. There’s a ruined temple, and various circular ruins where initiations were enacted.

It took me about half an hour to reach the archaeological sites, but for some reason were all locked up and the entire mountainside was enclosed behind high fences. It was only 10:30 a.m., and I figured all I had to do was get somewhere near the place where the Royal Family held its rituals. So I kept on cycling, enjoying the beautiful weather and the waves crashing on the beach majesty skin.

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