Learning Spanish Quickly and Easily

So you’ve decided to learn Spanish? For whatever your reasons are you’ve made the very first important step to acquiring Spanish as a second or foreign language. So how and where do you begin? Plan to use a multi-modal approach which involves not just one, but several methods all employed at once.

Step One: Get a good Bilingual Dictionary

One of your best, most frequently-used tools is going to be a good bilingual dictionary. This will allow you to quickly insert key vocabulary into Spanish sentences. One half of the dictionary is Spanish to English and the other half is English to Spanish. The bilingual dictionary should be your first language and Spanish combination.

Step Two: Get and Use an Audio-Visual Spanish Course on DVDs

A second great tool is a good audio-visual Spanish course on a set of DVDs or videocassettes. If yours doesn’t come with a phrase book, you should immediately pick one up as a helpful accessory.

Step Three: Buy a small, portable AM / FM radio and Earphones

Listening comprehension skills are the only skills which cannot actually be taught. It’s a function of practice only. The more you listen, the more engaged your brain becomes to the Spanish Magazine¬† rhythm, flow and pattern of Spanish. The sooner your listening comprehension will start to improve.

Step Four: Watch TV in Spanish Regularly

Sure, at first the gobbledygook pouring out of everyone’s mouth will be just so much unintelligible gibberish. But, that won’t last for long as you begin to place sounds into context with the action on screen. As you internalize words, phrases and whole sentences, you’ll begin to understand them when they are being spoken during a program like the news, a documentary or a soap opera.

Step Five: Listen to Music in Spanish Often

If you enjoy listening to music, and who doesn’t, this is an enjoyable way to pick up the rhythm and flow of spoken Spanish. When your instructors, friends, neighbors and classmates understand what you’re doing, they’ll often teach you song lyrics of their favorite popular songs. With the lyrics written down for you, you’ll be able to follow along much more easily and even memorize songs you particularly like.

Step Six: Read in Spanish

There is a cornucopia of reading material available in Spanish from the local daily newspaper to magazines and books to flyers and other advertising. Read everything you can get your hands on. Use your other aids if you get stuck for meanings of idioms and expressions or simply ask whatever native Spanish speaker is available.

Step Seven: Enroll in a Good Spanish Immersion Program

This step will be your true “Ace-in-the-hole” so to speak. Here you’ll combine it all into a full waking day of Spanish language input of listening, speaking, reading and writing in different contexts. Spanish grammar will come into focus. Your vocabulary acquisition will explode. Puzzling idioms and expressions will be unraveled. Your Spanish will start to seep in and internalize. Everyone all around you can be your Spanish teacher.

You Can Learn Spanish Fast

From the time you awaken in the home of your host family, to those you meet on the street, in your neighborhood, and during the day from lunch and dinner to back home again. Total immersion means Spanish classes all day, and interaction with native Spanish speakers during virtually all of the rest of your waking hours. So use these seven simple steps to learn Spanish quickly and easily. You’ll learn Spanish so fast it’ll surprise even you.