When a baby is born, we want to make sure their environment soothes as well as stimulates when appropriate. Babies can be very sensitive to their surrounding, and one of the main factors is color. Baby blankets, more than anything else, surround a baby in the beginning, so the color can be very important. Warm colors (red, orange and bright yellow) are known to stimulate activity, so are not the best colors for a baby blanket used while putting a baby to sleep. Pastels are a good choice for a newborn baby blanket, as they are very soothing and help the baby adjust to this big confusing world. When thinking about colors for a baby blanket, knowing some of the effects of color can be helpful. Listed below are colors and the effects they can have. Using this information when choosing baby accessories can help make both baby and parents happier.

Red – Red stimulates and excites the blood and nerves. It helps revitalize people and can be effective against colds and chills. Such a vibrant color can be too much for a newborn baby blanket, and should ideally be used at playtime as the child gets older, to stimulate play and exploration.

Orange – Lore has it that orange strengthens the lungs, pancreas and spleen. It’s vibrant hue warms the emotions and creates a sense of well-being, and can increase vitality and appetite. This is another color more appropriate to encourage play and exploration in toddlers and not so much for newborn baby accessories.

Yellow – Yellow is a sunny, lovely color said to help the nervous system and intellect. It can help the mind overcome nervous exhaustion and depression. Bright yellow can be used to stimulate a toddler while pastel shades are more appropriate for baby accessories that will make a newborn smile.

Pink – In children, pink stimulates creativity and strength. It soothes violent feelings and anxiety. If you suffer from insomnia, try using pink sheets! While normally seen as a color appropriate for baby girls, this color works wonders in boy baby blankets as well.

Green – Green is a harmonizing color that symbolizes new life, brightness, and freshness. It can help with high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, and flu. In adults, too much green can leave you too relaxed, Babies need all the relaxation they can get, so green is a good choice for baby accessories.

Blue – Blue acts completely opposite to red. It contracts and restricts rather than stimulates. It is cooling, helping the body slow down to fight diseases and recover from shock. Blue can bring peace of mind and is useful with exhaustion. When nothing else seems to calm a baby disney baby carrier, try blue baby blankets.
Violet – Violet is soothing and tranquil, and can have a calming effect on high strung and anxious individuals. It is said to help develop the spiritual and intuitive side. Physically, it can be used for all mental and nervous afflictions, and babies will enjoy its soothing effects. It is a wonderful choice for baby blankets

White – White is so neutral that it has no effect, and is know more for its lore and use in different cultures. Middle Eastern countries associate white with purity, innocence, peace and safety. In other cultures, it represents silence, truth and simplicity, hope and light. All of these are wonderful sentiments, but be prepared for extra laundry time to keep these baby accessories white!
Many studies have been done to gauge the effect of color on babies. Of course, using the wrong color for baby accessories will not damage a child. Knowing the effects of colors, however, can make a big difference in the life of a parent. Trying to rock a baby to sleep in a bright red baby blanket may prove a bit more difficult than when using a green baby blanket. Anything we can do to ease that first year for baby and parents is worth putting a little time and thought into. The color of the baby blankets we choose can make a difference, so choose wisely!