Are you a newbie at Internet marketing? Then one of your priorities should be to create your own article directory account. You can register for one now and send them your first ten articles soon after, if you haven’t signed up for one with any well-known directories yet.

If you frequent online forums or targeted websites, you should have gained an idea of the types of queries that are being asked. A useful tip in coming up with the topics of your first ten articles is to list down the ten most-asked inquiries regarding your company’s niche.

You can also make up your own questions as opposed to just gathering information from your trusted Internet sources. Then, address each of these concerns your trusted directory in articles – one article per question. This means discussing the answer to one question in one complete article, bringing up your total to ten articles, for ten questions.

Two of the things that you have to consider when writing are the extent of your expertise in your chosen niche, and your skill in thinking off the top of your head. If you end up having to look up information every single time you have to write an article on a subject, you will be held back from being as efficient as you can in your writing. If you discipline yourself to type and write everyday, the amount by which you have improved will take you by surprise after about ten weeks.

I guess that it also helps that I can type at a speed of 100 words per minute. I first started typing at 18 and have never looked back since then. Regardless of your typing speed, it is possible for one to learn to type twice or thrice as fast, as long as he sets high standards for himself.

Finally, in terms of writing the articles, try to answer each question in the most detailed manner possible, but limit your article to 450-500 words. Also, while details are good, spare your reader from unnecessary or overly confusing information. Limit your information to that which directly answers customers’ concerns and can be of use to them. Avoid using flowery terms so that you can write your article faster.

Once you have a firmer grasp on the process, you may be able to produce four or five articles each hour. When I am in a good mood, I can churn out six to seven articles in that period of time. Looking back to when I was just starting out, it took me much longer than that to produce quality articles. However, with lots of practice over a long period of time, I am now able to write for two hours a day and still create great articles.