Forehead expression lines

Circular moves – Using your fingertips make small circles on the forehead using moderate pressure from inside outwards and ending in the temple area.

Friction – With the fingertips of two or three fingers make fast up and down movements on the forehead to increase blood circulation.

Zigzag – Place two fingers on one hand and one on the other hand against the forehead, and slide your fingers together so that the one finger fits between the two. Start  https://mprosthetics.comrapidly and gradually slow down.

Maybe one of the best things about learning facial massage is that you can either use the techniques on someone else, who should be lying down on their backs, or adapt each move to apply it to yourself anytime you want to relax and feel better.

As well as rejuvenating the face through cell renewal and detoxification, facial massage can also help fight headaches and sinus pain, and can chase away anxiety, stress, depression and premenstrual tension. So when you learn to massage, you not only discover how to look younger but also feel better too.

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Circular moves – Make large circles with your fingertips around the eye area from the top of the nose over the eyebrows and down under the eyes working inwards, applying very light pressure under each eye.

Kneading – On the eyebrows, take tissue between your thumbs and forefingers and make small kneading movements inwards.

Zigzag – Place a hand on each temple and with the back of your fingers flat in the eyebrow area, rapidly move each hand towards each other so that your fingers interlock between the eyebrows.