Do you want to build a simple chicken coop? To build a simple chicken coop you need to keep an eye on 4 things.

o Ventilation.
o The feeding system.
o Light.
o How to build a simple chicken coop.

Why Ventilation Is Important When Building A Simple Chicken Coop

Ventilation is the most important thing to keep an eye on when you are building a simple chicken coop because when you don’t ventilate the coop your chickens can suffer from 2 things.

o They smell like their own poo which isn’t healthy at all.
o The heat or cold can’t get out so your chickens can get sick easily.

You Got To Come Up With A Good Feeding System

An other very important thing that you should keep an eye on is the feeding system. You got to create a feeding system so your chickens can eat whenever simplestartllc they want. This means that when you build a chicken house that’s simple you got to always have food ready for your chickens.

Why Light Is Important For Your Chickens

When you think of light, you won’t think that it’s important for chickens, right? Well, light makes the difference between a happy chicken and a sad chicken. You should always remember that a happy chicken lays happy eggs! Keep the light coming!

How To Build A Simple Chicken Coop

So now that you know where to keep an eye on when building a simple chicken house, you need to know now how to build it.

You can build a coop on 2 ways. You either do it yourself or you let a professional builder put one together for you.

When you let a professional builder do it for you then you should expect a lot of costs. Not only the materials will be more expensive, but you also have to pay for the builder himself. To build a simple coop without paying lots of money it’s highly recommended to do it yourself while you use a building plan.