If you are trying to learn Spanish, then you need to make sure that you try to learn new words and expand your vocabulary on a daily basis. There are some simple tricks that you can use that will help you learn more words. Below we will discuss what these are so that you can increase what you know.

Learn one new word a day. Try to put this into practice. This is not very much but if you keep up with it, you will eventually learn hundreds of words fairly quickly.

Continue to review the words that you have learned thus far. It does not make much Spanish Magazine sense not to review them else you will forget everything that you have tried to learn from before.

Use flash cards. This is a very simple way of learning and reviewing your words. Write the Spanish word on one side and the English word on the other. Use these and review.

If you think flash cards are too messy, you can keep a piece of paper with you that is folded. On one half you will have the Spanish words and on the other you will have the English ones.

Some cell phones now have applications that will help you learn Spanish. Many will help you review the words that you have learned. This is nice since most people have their phone on them at all times.

If you are an auditory learner, make your own MP3s for reviewing your Spanish words. You can also buy CDs that will help you learn and review if this is something that you want to do.

Find your new Spanish words to learn while you are reading Spanish articles in magazines or online. This way you will come into contact with the ones that are the most common. Look up the word and find out what it means, and then use the list of words to memorize more.

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