Tomorrow you may no longer be employed and you will wake up to discover you do not have a job. What appears to be a nano second to the public World Savings becomes Wachovia and then Wachovia becomes Wells Fargo and there it goes!

Employed people are rapidly being replaced by technology; automated check-outs in the grocery stores, recorded devices conducting customer service and we no longer require road maps we have GPS systems.

The worldwide web is now the encyclopedia and dictionary of the universe. Google.. and you will discover for yourself that by 2020 40% of the United States workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed people growing an income to support their family. Will you have a job tomorrow?

In order to market our skills in the marketplace we must become a purple cow. Since 60% of us will no longer possess a job we are required to be prepared for it to be one of us. There are several methods of marketing however I am discussing the most current, rabid movement that we all must grab a hold of and learn which is online marketing, internet marketing, and being a part of the worldwide web.

Consider this… if you want to have food on the table tomorrow you must you must change your course today. Make Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn your best friend. You must brand yourself as the purple cow that stands out in the marketplace. One method of branding yourself is to blog daily.

It is important to become an expert in some field and then market yourself and your field. In this era it is inevitable that we must to the worldwide web and develop our presence online.

The old model of employment and working on a 40 hour a week job is now history. It is the way of the past and is quickly being phased out. Most people have still not come to terms with the change that is occurring and they are simple looking for another job, or career. Unfortunately those lost souls are now filling our food banks and unemployment lines.

Don’t be a statistic. Stand up with courage and paint the life you deserve to live. Do not let life happen to you, rather grab the helm and navigate your course and that does not include a job.

The basis for all the successes of the world is built on the foundation of marketing. Learn to market your life. Brand yourself and market yourself.

Every year there are 40,00 law students and only half of them are able to work as lawyers. Those are terrible statistics that half of the students don’t become lawyers. Why is this you may ask. It is because 50% of them know how to market themselves and the other 50% do not know how to market themselves. Look around you; success leaves clues.

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