With the craze of iPhones zooming up, the need for its cases have also gone up. Due to a small button configuration of the newest iPhone 4S model, the owners need to buy strong, sturdy, and protective iPhone 4S cases. Since the iPhone 4S is very simple on design, it is very important to buy a good befitting case for them. This in turn adds to the appeal of the iPhone.

The different types of cases that one can get are as follows:

iPhone 4S Linear Crystal series

The Linear Case is made up of three separate pieces. AirPods Pro Case It has an upper frame, a lower frame and a back cover. One can choose a vibrant, colourful or toned down look as might suit one’s personality.

Vapor Pro Chroma – Element Case- for iPhone 4 cases

iPhone Extreme Metal Vapor Pro Case has a monochromatic color scheme with a satin finish. The satin finished is achieved by a process called bead blasting. The aluminum frame is bead blasted prior to anodizing. Lastly the black plate on offer is a genuine color match of the Ultrasuede.

iPhone 4 cases/4S Case Linear Mini Series

The Apple iPhone 4/4S Case Linear is an assembly type case. This is one of the cases which does not scratch the device either during installation or during removal. The sides are slightly surrounded to maximize the comfort of the grip.

iPhone 4/ 4S Case Linear Blitz Series

The Linear Blitz is also an assembly type case. It also does not cause any defect to the iPhone during installation or removal.

iPhone 4 Candy Shell Card use

This is a very convenient iPhone 4 case. It has 4 card cases, and with this case, one can easily leave his wallet back home.

iPhone 4 Leather Case Valencia Swarovski series

This is a premium leather pouch from Valencia Swarovski Series. It prevents your precious iPhone from any sort of scratch, damage or dust. The interior of the case has been designed with microfiber to keep the phone clean and sleek.

The Ultra Slike R Series For Apple iPhone 4

The premium silicone case Ultra Slike is a case which prevents the iPhone 4 from scratches, dusts and dings. The surface of the case is coated with high polymer which reduces the amount of dust from sticking to the surface of the case.

Get any of these and you are sure to add not only safety but also a designer look to your beloved iPhone 4S.

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