Every year computers come with larger hard drives and more random access memory. With these large hard drives and massive RAM these computers can do incredible things indeed. Many computers also serve as DVD players for videos and even full-length movies. But in the future we may see computers, which come with various movies pre-loaded in packages. We will also see movies, which are released to the theatres show up on DVDs in the stores with in a couple of days.

Even more intriguing is the idea of downloadable movies off the Internet for $3-4 dollars the same day as the movie comes out. These downloadable movies will perhaps be able to be re-loaded to another computer up to 1-2 additional times as copies free of charge. With such future technologies movies will be more accessible and the Movie Makers and Studios stand to make more money and get more bang for the massive pre-release Public Relations Campaigns and Advertising Dollars.

Of course movie fans stand to get the most out of it with lower prices, economies of scale from more buyers and this indeed could fuel a whole new era in movie watching and spur on more modernistic genera movies. Not to mention make movie making more profitable meaning less risk, more re-makes and better variety. Sounds good to me. Consider all this in 2006.