X-Men: First Class has proven setting superhero movies in historic time periods is a winning formula. It adds a degree of reality to the film, whilst making the movie smarter than your average comic book movie. If anything X-Men: First Class has shown superhero movies now need to offer something different in order to succeed. If setting the film in the 60′s was an instant hit, it’s left me wondering what other superhero time period movies could be made?

Spider-Man: Noir

For those who don’t know, Spider-Man: Noir is an alternative take on the web-slinger, setting the mythos in 1933 during the Great Depression. What makes this stand out as a potential hit, is that Hollywood has been fencing with how the turn the Spider-Man character dark, jumping on the success of films such as The Dark Knight. Whilst it may be difficult to turn the modern day Spidey into a dark brooding hero, Spider-Man: Noir is a different beast all together. Times are hard, super villains are mob bosses, and all together this could be a broody comic book flick to rival the likes of DC’s Watchmen and The Dark Knight.