I have a few friends who are movie-crazy, I mean, a film maniac. No doubt, movie is their breath. I enjoy observe this kind of creature’s behavior; how they are thinking, how they act. And since I am a movie-crazy too, I also observe myself.

What so interesting, there are behavior similarities among us. Let me reveal my secret note now. Yeah, although it is not so scientific and has a potential to make you smile, this note actually is not a humor. It is the result of my long observation (by hangout with and interviewed them).

First characteristic¬†of a movie-crazy, there are always Home Video’s member cards in his/her wallet, sometimes with some bonus vouchers. A movie-crazy never satisfied by registered only in one video rental. Movies he/she has been hunting usually are something distinctive. Films which according to common taste are bizarre and do not quite rock, if he/she thinks yummy enough for his/her hungry soul, will be devoured in no time.