Ever wondered what is the environmental impact of stores implementing night covers? It is significant.

For grocery stores and supermarkets that are looking to make major strides in becoming sustainable both economically and through environmentally friendly initiatives, one of the best things that can be done is the implementation of night covers on open refrigerated commercial equipment.

Refrigeration Covers Are a Great Way for Stores to Save Money and Lower Operating Costs

By cutting down on energy and electricity colorful chair covers consumption, this means stores will have a smaller impact on the environment, and less money will be spent on electricity on behalf of the business. There are many benefits to using grocery refrigeration covers and food retailers across North America have been incorporating them into their store remodeling projects which has had an enormous impact on their bottom line and ability to meet their green energy objectives.

If you want to do great things for your business, then take a closer look at night covers and what’s available for retrofit models. With strong support from many local utility providers, thermal cover products are an effective and affordable option.

How Exactly Do They Work?

Night curtains are typically installed on open refrigerated display cases. Creating a thermal barrier they provide protection against ambient radiation in the form of heat and light for perishable foods that are stocked in the display cases.

The thermal night curtains are pulled down at night and retracted in the morning just before the store opens. Heat reflective covers accrue energy savings for the store as more of the cold air is kept circulating within the refrigerated case while warm store air and light is deflected away from the case. As a result, less energy is needed to maintain both cooler case and product temperatures throughout the night. Product temperatures are more stable even through the day.

Night Blinds are Great for Keeping Product Fresh and Meeting Food Safety Requirements

Night blinds also support food safety initiatives; as the products holding temperature is more stable and the exposure to harmful light is significantly reduced a reduction in spoiled food is realized. This reinforces the overall sustainability of a business.

A properly engineered night curtain shields light and heat sensitive items like produce, meat along with other perishable items from premature wilting, discoloration, and ripening. Keeping products at appropriate temperatures for a longer duration extends the shelf life and freshness of foods and drastically cuts the daily discard rates (the amount of food thrown away each day).

Food safety and sustainability are two important things for any grocer or food retailer; both are essential for maintaining a strong and healthy business.

Night covers that utilize woven aluminum in their design are proven to be one of the most effective thermal blinds for energy savings. Furthermore, a premium quality woven aluminum cover affords retailers with an effective method of lowering operating costs and making a positive environmental impact.

Selecting a Heat Reflective Thermal Night Curtain for a Grocery Application

The Top 5 Points of Design to Consider When Selecting a Night Cover for Installation in Food Areas:

Not all thermal covers are made to the same standard, especially when it comes to food service and food retail applications. In keeping with the idea of health, sustainability and eco-conscious products, a refrigerated case cover should be no different.

Many imitation brands of supermarket night blinds use pesticides; instead choose a night cover that has an engineered solution built into the design which ensures the woven fabric dries naturally prevent mold and bacteria growth. This way you’ll assure your products are safe and healthy for your shoppers, while not harming the environment in the process.
Select a night cover product that allows for a quick and easy installation that does not compromise shopper/employee safety and the future relocation and use of the unit. There are a few retrofit cover products that push the ease of their magnetic installation technique however these are less stable and present a liability to consumer safety. Instead, choose a model that provides its own easy to use mounting system which offers the greatest flexibility and versatility for future relocation of a unit.
When considering the purchase of a heat reflective night cover, it is also a good idea to research the modular design of the unit. Ideally a night cover manufacturer will sell replacement parts so that if a component of the night cover breaks, the part can be replaced, instead of having to get rid of the entire cover. There are too many models on the market which simply cannot be uninstalled and repaired which have to be thrown out, contributing more waste to the landfill.
Another important factor to consider when investing in a energy saving cover is the size and range of night cover models available. To save your business money and hassle, invest in a product line that offers more than just one size. Why is it that many brands do not offer lengths greater than 4ft or 6ft? If their design does not support the installation of a longer unit, it will cost you more money. This simply means that when purchasing other night cover products, you will have to buy smaller units to cover the same linear distance than if you had purchased 8 foot lengths.
Additionally, supermarket display cases can take a beating so choose your refrigerated display case cover wisely. While one night cover may appear cheaper in price, its durability and construction may not be the same quality as a higher priced item. A thermal curtain should last more than a few years and withstand the rigors and stresses of a supermarket environment.
Buying a cheap night blind and having to replace it only a few years later will add to your service and maintenance costs associated with the night cover. The longer a night cover lasts, the longer its amortization period, the longer the amortization period, the better return on your investment!
A high quality commercial refrigeration cover should last a lifetime. Whether you need thermal blinds, retrofit refrigeration covers, grocery night covers for open refrigerated commercial equipment, OEM products, or electric motor driven covers for meat prep rooms and service areas Econofrost night covers has the models and sizes necessary for the greatest energy savings.

While promoting ideas of sustainability and environmentally conscious products, don’t forget to look at the many benefits a night cover can offer.

Econofrost night covers easily retrofit to open refrigerated equipment and work with any store decor. Econofrost products use perforated woven aluminum and are a great way to protect your perishable food items in an affordable manner. Econofrost products are the highest quality refrigeration covers on the market and deliver a wide variety of benefits that other brands simply cannot. Additionally, Econofrost products are available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ lengths unless you opt for electric motor driven blinds which support up to 12′ lengths.

Econofrost is the preferred night cover for leading retailers. With over 25 years industry experience, Econofrost is the brand to trust when purchasing night blinds. For more great tips on energy savings and installing thermal covers, please visit our website at Econofrost night cover products or call us toll free at 1-800-519-1222.