Sometimes you might hear the word band bikinis being thrown around when talking about swimwear. Most of the time you might shrug it off or pretend to know what they are and go with the flow. If you are like most people who do not keep up on the latest fashion trends in the swimwear world and just want to find a great looking bikini or one piece, you have no idea what a band bikini is.

The banded bikini falls in between the many styles of bikinis Bikini out there. In fact, they have a couple different varieties such as the banded thong bikini. To keep it simple, the banded bikini is simply a regular bikini with an extra band of material at sewn in along the top.

You might be asking why in the world would someone what to have an extra piece of material on their bikini? The answer is simple to create different looks. Face it, we all get bored of the same look all the time. This even includes new items we purchase or items we love. In general, people want to shake it up a bit and do something a little different sometimes. For these times, the band bikini works great!

For times when women want that extra little bit of coverage, the can pull the band up a little bit and either scrunch it down a little bit or fold it accordingly. For times when maximum bikini coverage is desired, pull the band up all the way. The band allows for immediate gratification – which we all love!

The band bikini also offers a different level of look. Many people expect the traditional bikini and nothing else. With the band bikini, there is something a little extra to notice; something eye-catching.

Whether you are looking for something a little different in your swimwear collection or simply want the option to change your bikinis comfort and look, the banded bikini will be able to offer you this and more. The style is very hot and more importantly functional.

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