A properly set up landing page is essential to any online advertising campaign. With that in mind, there are two things that can make or break your landing page: design and content. We talk a lot about design on this blog, so today I’d like to address content. What your landing page communicates in writing to a potential client is very important. Here are some tips to help you create the best landing page content to meet your goals.

Deliver a clear message. There is a time and a place for everything. Your landing thiết kế landing page sáng tạo page is not the time to use technical language that your audience won’t understand. It is also not the place to be really creative, use slang terms, or tell stories and jokes. Stick to your message and express it in simple and clear language.

Offer helpful information. Your landing page is the place to tell your readers everything they need to know about the specific product or service they are seeking. Don’t try to sell them other products and don’t send them to five other pages just to gather all the information they need. Give them everything they are looking for pertaining to one product or service on one page.

Explain how it benefits the customer. Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them. Don’t explain how selling a product will benefit your company rather explain it in terms that make it clear as to how it will benefit your readers. This will prove to be much more persuasive and yield you much more results.

Use bullet points. Readers like bullet points and are more likely to read them. Put your key points in bullet points to make sure they are read on your landing page.

Put important information first. When skimming text, readers read the top of pages and the beginning of paragraphs more. Write your most important information into the top portion of your page or the beginning few sentences of a paragraph.