Car wheels come in many brand names depending on the companies that make them. You have heard of many types of tires that you can’t help wondering how many there are in the world. Well, I would suggest that you just relax and sit back, because am just to introduce a new brand name that adds to the list. They are the Han Kook tires that offer a wide variety of these products like those for passenger cars, trucks, buses and many more.

Han Kook Ventus S1 give you high speed and are durable, due to the fact that they are made with a high profile structure that is not common to all the wheels you meet in the market. Ventus V 4es are best used during summer and winter, while ventus ST are good for all seasons. All sub-models of the Ventus are high quality and maximum performance.

The advantage that comes with the Han Kook tires is that they can be used on almost all types of vehicles. For example, light trucks, sports utility vehicles and vans are best suited to use the Dynapro ATM model. They have unique tread designs that offer maximum grip. Trucks and buses can comfortably ride on the AH 08 heavy-duty model that have specially designed treads.

Other types of Han Kook, but for which you will need to find out which vehicles they are best suited for, are the Dynamic ones which are computer aided and resistant to wear and tear, AH 11, AL 07, Ice Bear W 300, Winter I Pike that have a V-shaped tread design, Zovac HP and the Dynapro I pike. All of these give you high quality performance but will function best if used on the road they are intended for.

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