. Identify The Root Cause of Your Anxiety

There are two ways to fight an unfortunate situation. Either fight or succumb. But running away from the problem can put undue stress on your brain.

To fear is human, but betrouwbare corona testen not to get active because of this negative expression is danger. Please do not pass your fears or anxiety to other by expression of anger or isolating yourself.

Instead, identify the root cause of your problem and talk with the family members. Has your Government installed Community Counsellors? Then, seek their assistance.

The general public (you) also has to take a firm stand in not pitting Governments against businesses, religious minorities and communities in all parts of the world. Together, you have to develop alliances as a human race to overcome the crisis and build a better future.

You should not hesitate to ask for assistance. Talk to your aunt about the tips to stockpile food items and preservation. It is not mandatory to follow the advice, but it is necessary to know about the alternative methods.

4. Blaming/Shaming Game

A look at the history pages, and you will know when food grains become scarce, tempers flare high in communities. The blame games then start and even the shaming of a minority community member. You need to hold on to your humanity skills the most to escape from these unwanted acts.

5. Following the Government Instructions

There are many people who take pleasure in being rebels and not following the Government instructions even at this epidemic stage. For example, if the Government says, “Wear mask and maintain social distance.” They will not do it” – not for the reason of being illiterate. It is impossible to judge these persons, if they are acting on impulse or out of distrust. The Government has imposed a curfew for the people not to roam on the streets. These guys will roam on the streets with bikes. If you are one among the mentioned, it is time to seek help or else you can become a victim of the disease.