It’s just kind of a fact of life that we do not have enough storage for all of our possessions today. We can try getting rid of things, but modern life often seems to require an excess of objects, and they all need to live somewhere. Scattered about in a messy fashion is of course not ideal.

More effectively using existing storage spaces like attics, basements, closets, and book cases is one way to help. This can have big returns in neatness or functionality! Another is using spaces that are simply unused and can be put into use. For example, we have started storing seasonal and other footwear under our beds in some special made plastic containers and it’s very convenient. Now you only have so many beds in a house, but your house as well as office will have far more corners, and corners are often not used effectively. Here are a few ideas that I and others have found very useful.

Often a corner may have something in it, like a big comfortable chair or television. You may be able to utilize space behind it, for example with a simple storage box that is practically invisible yet holds items conveniently nearby. If there is no space on the ground, try raising it. Some great ideas here that work are shelves in the corner up high as well as specially made corner wall cabinets. Your local home improvement store, discount store, and online are all great places to look for ideas and examples.

Depending on what the main item is in the corner, you may be able to raise it and gain space below. If for example it is a TV, there are plenty of mounts to raise it up higher, freeing space below. Mounts can also be used for computer monitors, speakers, and much more.

It may be that a corner is not used at all or is barely used at all. Corner desks can be extremely space efficient as well as functional, and many contain corner hutches and shelves integrated on top of them to further their usefulness.

One last hint I have found very useful. Some corners will have doors which will seem to make them useful for storage. I have found that adding hangers and hanging clothes there is a great technique, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms.

With living and storage space at a premium, we need to effectively use all spaces today. Hopefully you have a few new ideas you can use.