All brides have hopes and dreams of extravagant and beautiful wedding days, but they also want all of that decoration to reflect themselves. This is the reason why almost any bride will go to great lengths to plan things the way they want them to be. From the wedding invitations to their gowns, the cake, the reception hall and even the tiniest of details these brides search for the perfect additions to their colors and themes. Even the wedding reception chair covers need to be perfectly matched.

While some may not realize it, the chairs at a wedding have patterned chair covers  a huge impact on the overall look. The problem with this aspect is that they sometimes can be a challenge during wedding planning. By simply using some chair covers, though, all of that aggravation can be done away with. It may seem like a tiny detail, but you might be surprised at how much of an impact it can really have.

Your normal plastic lawn chair can be turned into something of royal beauty by adding things like satin and gossamer. You can also add organza for a splash of color that compliments everything and brings the room together. Matching the chairs with the table runners is another great option you have.

Personalization of the chair covers is a quick way to create a design with enormous impact that can totally change how the entire decoration scheme looks and even feels to the guests.

Probably the simplest way to add a personal touch is by adding the bride and grooms initials to the covers somewhere in embroidered letters. The back of the cover works great for this.

If you have chosen more than just colors for your wedding theme you can add pictures that tie in with all of the decor too. Winter weddings can have snowflakes added, Fall weddings can have brightly colored autumn leaves and Spring weddings can have Spring flowers.

The possibilities with this option are seemingly endless and all you need to do is use the same colors and themes that are present in other parts of the overall wedding decor.

If you are looking to buy or hire chair covers [] and other elements for your big day, which will help bring your reception room up to the point where it is personalized to your day. Steph provides information on wedding reception chair covers [] and further information on how to ‘wow’ your wedding guests.