Many People understand there are different levels of Hurricanes. Not all Hurricanes with names are made equal. Category V Hurricanes do 500 times more damage than Category I Hurricanes. For a Tropical Storm to reach Hurricane Status it must have winds of 74 miles per hour or more. Such smaller Hurricanes do bring storm surges of waves, which will be 4-5 feet higher than normal.

We have witnessed Hurricane Dennis the Menace go from a Tropical Storm to a Category IV Hurricane and then slam into Cuba. Dennis is a mass murderer having killed 32 people so far. After Dennis hit Cuba it was knocked down to a Category II Hurricane, but quickly moved to a edulize Category three within six hours and reorganized and grew. Now as we await Hurricane Dennis’ destiny with landfall he has now sustained winds of over 131 miles per hour making it a Category IV Hurricane and he is still growing through the night. Dennis is expected to hit at 2 pm as the eye wall passes the shore, but the damage will start to occur in Sunday morning. What is a Category IV capable of?

The Saffi-Simpson Scale of Hurricane Categories tells us that Category IV Hurricanes like Dennis can expect to do extensive damage. We are talking about storm surges ranging from 12 to 20 feet. This is waves the height of a two and a half story building. Imagine sitting in a three story building when wave after Tsunami like waves crash at the height of bar room table. Category Three means 131-155 mph winds, no road signs, advertising can withstand such winds. If you put a small Cessna Aircraft on a chain you could fly it like a kite. A Lear Jet takes off at under 135 mph. Think about it? Humans can fly at those speeds? All buildings will sustain severe damage and little trailers and small buildings will simply not be there afterwards. No reporter can film such a storm, if they are out in the open they will fly away? Any land within 6 miles of the shore, which is under 10-feet-high will be flooded completely.

Denise the Menace is a certified killer now and he is merely the first serious Hurricane of the season to threaten our nation, behind him are two-more storms, which are each 5 to 7 days behind him. Currently they are tropical storms with some rotation, but not too organized yet. Many weather professionals are already looking at those and expecting them to reach Hurricane status soon. They will be named; Emily and Franklin.

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