What are the responsibilities of a category manager?

At first, one would notice that this is a very hectic and fast paced role. For one, he or she should expect to have a very dynamic work experience. There will never be a boring day, because there are always lots of tasks to be completed and people to manage. He or she must spearhead the strategic direction of the brands under his or her turf.

They also meet up with brand managers to assess product travelguidebook marketing and sales directions. Budget planning, coordination and consumer marketing would also be a daily thing for the category manager. His work description might be a long list but one can trust that he or she would have groups of people reporting under him or her. This makes the job easier as they can just organize and divide the tasks to others in the group.

Are you qualified for this position?

Employers require that applicants for this position have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in a marketing or business field. The applicant can also provide equivalent experience in case he or she lacks this minimum requirement. You also need to have 3 or more years in managing brands in the particular industry you are applying to.

Category managers must also have excellent analytical skills. He or she must possess above-average sensitivity to details. Outstanding leadership skills are also very important. After all, the goal is to lead a team that he or she needs to motivate and direct on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of being a category manager?

Aside from the lucrative position, the category manager is also in for a lot of perks. There is a lot to learn when you are in this position. The dynamic nature of the work very much puts the person in an advantage because he or she will really be honed in different marketing strategies.

Category managers also enjoy free travels as they are usually sent to represent the company in international symposiums. Work-related travels are also to be expected especially if one is under an international company. Since the job requires a lot of attention, you should also expect to get very competitive benefits packages. The average salary of a category manager ranges from $56,000 to $89,100. Most companies also give bonuses that range from $4,900 to $14,600 and profit sharing that goes from $1,500 to $6,500.

One thing an applicant must remember in category manager jobs is that it is a competitive position that is equaled with competitive benefits and salary. The same goes for other high-end positions in any company. Accept the challenge and enjoy its benefits.

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