For easy and correct tracking of spending in the expense report software, it is a must to have expenses detailed and labelled properly. Minimal detail will result to an incomplete report, making it not that advantageous over the pen and paper and mental notes method of tracking the expenses that you have made.

So, it is really a must that the software you are using will allow you determine the categories in spending and even some sample budgets which can be accomplished and facilitated easily. Also, it is needed for you to have these categories’ reports to be configured to come up with comprehensively accurate information.

Good expense software is able to facilitate the regular income and justmyfitness spending. Here are few of the really essential and common expense categories that might be useful to you.

Mortgage or Rent

There is a high possibility that this category will be the biggest usual expense for the reason that it is something that provides you a roof.

Utility Bills

These are also regarded as essential items and chances are, they come with fixed payments.

Medical Insurance

For a couple of years, you might opt not to have a medical insurance but you are advised to do likewise. If you choose to have one, include it as one of the regular expenses in your software.


For your financial planning to be effective, make sure that you have budget allotted for groceries and see to it that you will follow it as it is.

Car and Travel Costs

Costs of travelling can also be under the fixed budget area. Cars definitely need regular maintenance and gas and a better budget will have these expenses come under a particular category.

Childcare Costs

If you are using a kind of paid childcare, there is a possibility that it will also be a monthly regular payment.


Repayments of credit cards and loans are included in this category. These also include other privately made loans that you have. To have better detail of these things, it will be helpful to break them all down depending on their individual debtors.

Define Your Categories

Although most of the regular payments are generally similar for all people, cash payments that are disposable do not work that way. The lifestyle that you are living will be the determinant as to where the money you have will regularly go and the software that you are using must be able to define it. Having sample budgets can help in categorizing the things you usually spend on, the reason why a lot of people try to download them for free.

Categories’ Flexibility

The moment that you have defined the categories, this is expected to be easily manipulated in reports. This will give users an insight of their expenses and where they can reduce some in order to save money.
The budget software that you will use must be something that can facilitate the reorganization of categories and a single expense for multiple categories for this is something that is possible to happen.

It is a must that you can have a complete breakdown of how much you are spending for specific categories with the help of expense report software. This is something customizable as well as flexible for easy money management. Sample budgets will also be helpful to have a complete idea of how budgets must be planned to meet your income and expenditure ranges.

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