Tiling work is not within everyone’s reach. It takes a perfect fusion of mastered technique, and a knowledge of the materials with which to work, all with permanent meticulousness in order to offer a result that meets the expectations of its customers.

Our company offers you its 30 years of expertise in the field for all your works and projects. Our company of specialist tilers Wollongong has proven itself in the installation and creation of tiling, but also on sites where mastery of painting and coordination for renovation work were necessary. Today we offer these services through 3 complete formulas for turnkey delivery satisfying each of our customers

The services offered by your tilers Wollongong

If our company took its first steps mainly with tiling in all these forms and techniques, we have also extended our activity to other trades close to our field of expertise. After 30 years of existence, these additional professions have finally become pillars of our professional activity. This is why your tilers in Wollongong now offers you services around tiling, painting and renovation.

Floor tile :

Tiling is a very popular treatment. It uses sight, touch, and in some cases hearing, affecting the acoustics of a room. However, its popularity is mainly due to these two primary senses, sight, by the transforming effect of patterns or the types of sizes of the tiles, but also the touch thanks to the textures varying according to the materials used.

Regardless of the material of the covering, such as marble, granite, slate, ceramic or earthenware to name a few, one can imagine the transformations that these materials cause in a room. However, knowing how to work with these tiles and knowing how to anticipate their effects are precisely the specialty of tilers.

In our company of tilers wollongong, we offer you efficient and reliable tilers, who operate in Wollongong and the Île-de-France region. Our tilers have years of experience to their credit and have proven their mastery of techniques, but also of the precision that we demand and raise as mandatory standards.

We obviously intervene in the installation of tiles for interior and exterior surfaces, but also in the creation. Our goal is to achieve your vision for the rooms in your home , business or building.

Painting from Wollongong tiler

Our company has certainly taken its first steps with tiling and various coatings, but we have also been called upon to carry out painting work. Today it is one of the pillars of our activity.

When we intervene on your site for a painting job, we operate with procedures that adapt to your situation. We start by protecting all surfaces (walls, floors and furniture for example) before proceeding to the treatment of the surface to be repainted. Finally, according to your vision, and the desired effect, we proceed to the application of the paint.


Our know-how includes our ability to advise you depending on what effect you are looking for, but also on existing constraints. You will thus be advised if the colors to choose if your room has a low light, or how to give the illusion of space to a small room.

Renovation :

Managing a construction site is not easy. It is necessary to coordinate the work of the various artisans present, their expectations and needs so that they can operate effectively and efficiently. For this, it is necessary to know each profession, their modes of operation, the realities of their services and how to coordinate the different professions and their interdependencies.

With 30 years of service, our company has intervened and for ten years, has managed many projects. This is why we can count the management of renovation sites in our skills.

Our company offers you to take charge of the management of your renovation projects. We will coordinate each craftsman present. We are also able to put you in touch with craftsmen in several fields if you have not yet progressed with your project. In addition to our tilers wollongong, we have also built up a network of building craftsmen during our 30 years of activity. These craftsmen have proven their reliability, but also proved the quality of their work.

If you would like a free estimate for one of these services, do not hesitate to contact us .

Our achievements

Since an image is worth a thousand words, consult the gallery of our achievements to see the transformations carried out by us. We work with individuals, but also companies. Our work includes bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms or dining rooms.

Whether it’s our work or our service (from pre-sales to after-sales), our teams support you and guarantee you quality work to meet and exceed your expectations.