When you have spent enough time and money to buy the perfect shoes for yourself, you will naturally want to preserve their good looks for as long as you can. Taking care of these shoes mean not only cleaning properly them but also the things you need to know to store them safely and safe from harm and damage. The cleaning and storing process differs depending on the type of material or the various different materials used to make the shoes.

The most important thing to do is to give your shoes whatever possible protection prior to wearing them. This includes product such as leather protector and fabric protector. You may want to explore the possibility of using shoe liners and soles that are designed to not only offer additional comfort but also to protect your shoes. Fabric soles also help those with sweaty feet of slippery discomfort while protecting your shoes.

The number one on the list of how to take care of shoes to keep them fresh and good looking to is to clean, clean and clean. Clean shoes often and well. Except for muddy shoes which should be left to dry before cleaning, you ought to clean your shoes of the obvious dirt and grime immediately.

Do not forget to clean on the insides of your shoes as well. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the inside. Use soft to medium brushes or even toothbrush to help scrub off dirt from shoes.

Obviously, different materials require different cleaning methods and solutions. Leather and suede need special kits which you can buy from the stores. This may also include battery powered leather cleaning kits that contain everything you need such as the applicator brush, polishing brush and buffing pads. There are also the ‘mini’ solutions such as using shine wipes or even baby wipes. You can also try using an eraser or medium textured sandpaper to gently remove stubborn scuff marks on suede shoes. Canvas and fabric shoes can be washed in hot water, scrubbed and stuffed with paper towels and dried under the sun for a few days. Leather shoes can be washed with warm soapy cloth. But never dry leather shoes under the sun. Drip dry leather shoes in indirect sunlight.

The next important step is to polish your shoes. Use clear polish if possible, or choose a polish that matches your shoe color. The best shoe polish around is in paste form but if you want something easier to use, try the creams for a shiny smooth finish. The paste penetrates the leather and helps moisturize it to keep it supple and fresh looking. For fabric shoes, spray with fabric protection solutions.

Proper storage of your shoes is also important. Use a shoe tree, boot shapers or shoe pops so keep shoes from being distorted in shape. Shoes that are not going to be worn for an extended time should be wrapped in tissue paper and stored in a shoe box. Do not use newspapers as the prints can stain your shoes. Keep these boxes out of humid areas and away from sunlight. Before storing them, make sure that they are cleaned and that they are thoroughly dried to prevent mildew. Shoes that appear dry to the touch might still be quite damp inside.