To help you setup your own Google News sitemap, take a look at this page on Google’s site for some of the tags that should (or could) be included in your news sitemap.

How do I submit my Google News Sitemap?
Once you have created your sitemap, you can easily submit it using Google Webmaster Tools. Here are some simple step-by-step instructions that will help you do just that.

Log in to Google Webmaster tools
Verify the appropriate site
Once the site is verified, find the “Sitemaps” section under “optimization” in the navigation bar on your Dashboard page
Choose to “submit/test a sitemap” from the Sitemaps section of the navigation bar
Enter the path to your sitemap in the text box that pops up
Submit the Sitemap
Quick Tip: Keep in mind that you have to be included in Google News before you submit a sitemap. If you jump the gun and submit it before you are included, you may receive errors.

How can I improve my site’s visibility once ranked?
Getting your article displayed once it has been accepted by Google News can be seen as a gray area. There are no exact criteria for how to do this, however, below are some suggestions that can help:

Timing – Google News is constantly flooded with new information, but sites that are constantly updating their sites have a higher likelihood of having their articles displayed. Articles should be updated on a fairly regular basis in order to constantly have new information.
Titles – Create a title with keywords that people are searching for as opposed to a catchy title that does not inform readers about the article’s content.
Angle – Not every article is going to be ground-breaking news, therefore, it is important to take a different approach. The site post should have an original angle that will make it interesting to readers and Google.