Within the Mexico market, Cancun currently represents some of the best growth opportunities. One example of this is that in early in February, Maioris Group International, together with the government of Quintana Roo (the state which includes Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen) officially held the grand opening of the Maioris Tower, a residential Mexico Condo complex located in the exclusive development of Puerto Cancun.

Part of the reason this real estate project has is now complete is the confidence which the investors had in the Cancun market, deciding to move ahead with construction despite the global recession, which reached its low point in 2009. This confidence has been answered with success, and allows real estate buyers to buy in Cancun with similar confidence that their property will be an excellent investment for both lifestyle and for future re-sale.

Cancun and the state of Quintana Roo currently shows a strong level of support from committed investors and, in terms of real estate, Cancun will fair better than other cities in the Caribbean, not to mention many U.S. real estate destinations.

At the grand opening, the president of Maioris Group International, reiterated his commitment to Cancun, as evidenced by the fact that in a relatively short time the group has been successful in completing this project, which is one of the first developments completed in Puerto Cancun.

Cancun was chosen for the Maioris Tower development it is an “established tourist destination with a unique strategic location and meeting point between the Caribbean and many other parts of the world.” As much as this is true for the Maioris Group, the current focus of Cancun, adding a large set of new flights and destinations from its international airport, and constructing new venues for international business conferences, is moving even further in this direction, providing new real estate opportunities as an international business and travel hub.

Cancun is setting its sights on becoming the most important connection and travel point in the Caribbean, including Miami, providing links between South America, North America, Europe and many other destinations in the world.

The completion of the Maioris Tower condo development in Puerto Cancun represents continuing property opportunities, ongoing confidence for buyers, and another part of the many steps the city is taking towards becoming a key international center for business, in addition to tourism.