How To Add Thousands Of Friends On MySpace

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How To Get A Lot Of Friends On MySpace

If you are a MySpace Fanatic and junkie like me, your MySpace profile is really the most important things in your life.You may have worked maybe months to build up a friend list and have lot of comments.

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If you are a MySpace Fanatic and  junkie like me, your MySpace profile is really the most  important things in your life.You may have worked maybe months to build up a friend list and have lot of comments.

But have you ever visited some  friends profile, and saw that they had a lot of  friends more than you?, they have comments every day? You probably wonder how they became so popular so quickly.Well it’s much easier to become so popular  today than you think, thank god and some good programmers.

Today’s new status symbol is more than your car, your clothes, your home, or even your money.Today’s new status symbol is having a lot of friends on MySpace.

Building this friend list can be tedious and boring, especially if you don’t have many friends in real life that are on MySpace.

You know that the fun part of MySpace is making new friends, abd share what ever you want with then, or even just showing off your profile.

Now a day Having a huge friend list allows you access a lot of people at one time.

You can post bulletins to tell everyone at once what’s going on in your life.

And even you can invite all these people to your gig or party.

Better than that, you can post comments on their profile and let people that aren’t even on your friend list see what you have to say. Based on that this friend list becomes very important if you are a social person, so why not make it as huge as possible.

Building  a huge list as possible and keep tracking all the stuff related to your friend list is going to become a huge time consumming that you can use to do other important thing in your life, You can start by spending a day surfing MySpace and browsing for people that meet a certain criteria.

Then adding them manually as a friend and waiting for the response, this can get very boring. Based on this problem I was facing is how I discovered MySpace friend adding programs.

And I found that There are tons of programs out there like Friend Adder that will automatically add up to 500 friends per day, send comments, send messages, and search throughout the MySpace world for keywords that you choose. Programs like these have made making MySpace friends so easy.

This is also great for web promotions as well. Create a MySpace profile about what you are promoting. Then use an automatic friend adder to bring people to your profile. This is such a great way to increase traffic to your profile and potentially gain new fans or customers.

So instead of adding friend the old fashion way, why not automate it. This has made my MySpace experience so much better, and has allowed tons of people worldwide to see what I have to say at a push of a button.

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