There are many great advantages with using article marketing to spread an informative word about one’s business or product. It may be used in a variety of ways including but not limited to online marketing.

An article is a piece of writing that is non-fiction in nature and usually placed in a newspaper, magazine or in places of reference like online websites and reference books. Article marketing is a type of advertising a person or company might do to provide information that may be related to their business or product. A article that is well written and truthful can increase the respect and credibility of the business. Additionally this will increase brand awareness of the individual or company. The writer also has the ability to take advantage of the timing of the disbursement of information, providing reader with the appropriate information at the most opportune times. In regards to hunting, for example; “10 Key Secrets to Placing a Blind” May be a title an hunting outfitter would place two or three weeks before hunting season stars. The articles that are presented on line are placed on sites called article directories. The article directory allows the author to place articles for free or with minimal fees for extras services such as, including “live” links. While the directory places an add on each page of the article it allows the directory company to collect revenue from the adds they have placed. In return as the directory increases its own search engine popularity the author is exposed to more readers.

Article writing is a great, easy tool for increasing profits for home based businesses. By way of the internet, article writing can maximize exposure, through the use of search engines to optimize the targeting of KEY WORDS. An authors ability to research key words can dramatically increase the amount of traffic directed to their articles. By using key words it allows the author to become in touch with Target Audiences. Contacting Target Audiences allows one to provide information to those who are already interested in other related topics, products or services. On line article writing is a excellent low cost way to market. It is quite easy to set up, requires no on going maintenance and will give the author the ability to use links that can redirect the reader to information pertaining to the author and/or the product or service.

An well structured article should consist of the following: A title, a main body consisting of three or four paragraphs, a introductory paragraph and summary paragraph. The average article is between 300 and 5000 words long and most online distributors have maximum or minimum required lengths. The allowed number of words will very from directory to directory.

TITLE- When writing your article title be careful to chose one that includes as much as possible, if not all of your keyword group. It may help to place key word as close to the beginning of the title as possible. Many authors choose to create the title after completing the article.
MAIN BODY (content)-An article can be as short as three paragraphs. You should have one main point for each paragraph. Each main point should be supported by three to five sentences.
INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH- Your introduction should be a few sentences to let the reader know what your going to say.
FINAL PARAGRAPH- The summary should be around four sentences and is to reiterate what you just told them. If possible especially if you are writing a how to article you should provide a solution for the reader that may be related to concerns they may have about the service or product at hand.