Internet marketing has come to mean many things. It might be as simple as having an active website. It might be optimising content for search engines via SEO and PPC campaigns. It might be writing press releases and submitting them via online distribution channels. Or it might be spreading brand awareness by commenting on relevant blogs, Tweeting interesting tid bits of information, creating a Facebook group/profile, uploading YouTube videos or starting a blog of your own.

Online word-of-mouth marketing is really no different from offline word-of-mouth marketing. Both are doing a variety of activities to generate hype and awareness of their brand. They strategically place themselves in different groups, attracting the attention of a vast audience and doing something that will captivate them. The best part about online marketing is that one is able to reach so many people at once. And if they use the channels available to them regularly, their name will start becoming familiar. Moreover, if the content they post adds value, by informing or entertaining, they will start to be thought of as a trusted information source.

There are a few ways for companies to spread brand awareness online.

1. Commenting on relevant blogs:

It is always a good idea to follow news specific to your industry. With so much content available online, blogs, newspapers and online magazines have incorporated commenting sections as well as sharing buttons into their sites to make it easy for their readers to interact with their content. If therefore, you come across an article or blog post that stimulates some sort of reaction, it’s worth adding a comment at the bottom of it. Popular commenting platforms require that you login to leave your opinion and as a result other readers are able to trace your entire online presence by linking to you.

2. Starting a Twitter profile:

Twitter is a fast and easy way to link to information you think is intelligent or entertaining. If your followers believe that your taste in news is good they will continue to follow you, they’ll ReTweet your posts and most likely visit your website and talk about your company with their peers. Twitter is also a good channel through which to communicate what you or your company are up to. It’s a window into your company culture, so if you make it cool, people will want to look.

3. Creating a Facebook page:

Like Twitter, Facebook is a great place to post interesting articles, communicate company culture and activities to the outside world and interact with followers. What’s nice about Facebook is it’s very multimedia. The more types of content you upload the more colourful and interactive your page becomes.

There are many more ways a company can market themselves online, these are just a few to get you started. Stay tuned for more suggestions to come.