Book one of an intended series of women’s contemporary fiction, DonnaLee Overly’s The Trinity Knot: Releasing the Knot of Silence, poses a journey into the core of one woman’s psyche, affected and conflicted by the trauma of sexual assault by someone that she trusted, taking place in a location where she should have felt safe. This story brings to focus this unpleasant scenario and questions, which bear distinct discussion, especially in regard to today’s ongoing headlines concerning sexual assault on women. The story raises the question; can you not only forgive your rapist, but fall in love with him as well?

The protagonist, Gabriella King, has a great life. She is the daughter of a wealthy Texas rancher, as well as being blessed with beauty, a talent and passion for painting and overall confidence but after experiencing the distress of a sexual assault she becomes a very different person experiencing a gamut of negative emotions. Ashamed, she keeps the attack to herself and chooses not to divulge anything to those closest to her. Hiding her pain, she lets time pass. She also thinks no one will believe her, and retreats from the world while maintaining a disposition of self-deprecation. However, she cannot remain cloistered in her shame and finds that she does have to confront what happened.

However, Gabby’s perspective is not the only side of the story to be explored. There is also the side of her attacker Brett, the handsome and desirable tennis instructor and all around ladies man, whose misconception about his encounter with Gabby and other women in general, along with his overall promiscuous experiences with women, lead him to thinking that his sexual attack was desired. When Brett realizes that Gabby did not consider his sexual conduct desirable, he seeks to correct her misgivings about him.

Eventually, an unconventional romance develops as unexpected emotions emerge within the emotionally torn Gabby as she learns to let go and forgive.

Altogether, I enjoyed The Trinity Knot: Releasing the Knot of Silence. I found it to be a well-written and intriguing read that broached the compelling topic of forced seduction with a scenario relevant to current events. The characters were realistically posed and well-developed within a story which easily engaged. Be warned this book is for adults and does concern adult subject matter; that being said, it is definitely worth the read, I do recommend it and I look forward to the next in the series