The belief of most of the people is that the store brands which provide the household products do not have good quality. But this is not a fact and has been proven by various consumer reports.

The Consumers Union publishes consumer reports periodically. It is a non profit organization which aims at giving information to the consumers so that they can safeguard their interests.

A test was made on the paper towels. Numerous brands were put into water for some time. After some time, each towel was to figure out how much water different brands can hold. Then, a machine measured the force which was needed to tear the towel.

It was found that Bounty paper towels were better than consumer reports the brands available in the store. The best brand from a store was the Kirkland Signature paper towels manufactured by Costco. There were similar results with the food storage bags from made of plastic.

Facial tissues were evaluated on the basis of durability and the softness. The testers ran the hands on the tissues and then wrinkled them to know their pliability. The result was that the Kleenex won the test. On the basis of softness, the store brand won the race.

The ratings report was finally made after testing 65 grocery products belonging to six categories. The categories were tissues, paper towels, plastic bags, yogurt, peaches and the French fries. The store brands which won are 4-cheese pizza by Krogers and peanut butter by Wal-Mart.

The consumer report states that store brands are better to use when compared to branded products. This is because branded products are more expensive but are of similar quality when compared to store brands.

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