People all around the world give much importance for their appearance, and hair adds beauty to the overall looks of individuals. The number of people facing hair loss is increasing rapidly and there are many solutions available for hair restoration. Many surgeons perform hair transplantation process and they assure about the quality of work. It is significant for people to know the surgeon with whom they prefer for consultation or hair transplantation process. Thorough research on the experience and knowledge of the surgeon in the transplantation process gives the idea on their services. Surgeons or physicians involved in hair restoration must have a lot of training and learning before performing any sort of procedure. For the success of the surgery, the physician must be used to the tools and devices used for the process and they should utilize the materials for various procedures. Since hair transplantation is entirely a different process, it requires much understanding from the surgeon and it is unlike the ordinary medical procedures or surgeries accomplished by them.

Hair elements are very minute in size and the hair restoration or transplantation surgery is considered to be microscopic. Any small mistake caused during the surgery can spoil the entire procedure and can also affect the physical health or appearance of individual involving the surgery. Hence it is clear that the traditional tools used in surgery are of no use for hair transplantation surgery. Small hair follicles require the use of innovative devices and those can be handled only by trained surgeons. Only trained doctors can manage the tools and complete the transplant process in a successful manner.

Extensive training is required by physicians to carry on with the surgery and it includes a number of processes. From the preparation of the patient for the surgery, complete learning in microsurgery, computer assisted surgical treatment and several other devices are to be learned by surgeons. Hair follicles are minute in structure and the transplantation of this process is done through microsurgery which is the naval branch of surgery.Using tools for microsurgery is quite difficult and it cannot be done without proper training. With the use of different types of micro surgical tools there is no harm caused to the hair follicles and hair cells and they do not cause any issues to hair strands and roots. Surgeons must take immense training to familiarize themselves with the various types of hair cells and if they are thorough with the variations in hair cells, it is probable for them to choose the right type of procedures in transplanting the hair. If different parts of hair cells are correctly understood by surgeons they can ensure on the transplantation at the correct place on the scalp.