Rashad Evans versus Thiago Silva might not have been the most exciting fight in the world but Evans stuck to his game plan and came out a victor. In this article we will delve deeper into the actual fight and how Evans style paid off in the end. The fight began with a lot of hype, Thiago had just come off his first loss Lyoto Machida and a win against Keith Jardine. This victory over Jardine set the stage for a fight between the two fighters. Evans constantly said that he wanted to get Silva back for beating his team member Jardine. However, if Evans had any emotion going into this fight he did not show it when the bell rang.

The match began and Silva came out a little hesitant, and not 町田 ダンススクール willing to throw his hands. Rashad soon took advantage and began taking Silva down time and time again. It almost seemed to me that Rashad was able to take Silva down at any time he actually wanted to. Over to course of the match this strategy would proved deadly for Silva because he was gassed out by the time he actually his Evans. The fight continued with no real punched being thrown and the crowd beginning to boo the competitors. However, once again Evans kept his composure and refused to let his opponent dictate the speed of this match. In the ensuing round Evan continued with his game plan of wrestling his opponent to the ground and wearing on his endurance. However, the third round came around and it was time for Silva to wake up even if he only fought a little.

In the third round of the fight Rashad began to get a little careless with his distance and pacing of his opponent. Deep into the third round Thiago was able to make a great connection on his opponents face that left Rashad wobbly and fragile looking. However, due to the various takedowns throughout the entire match Silva was not able to take advantage and finish his opponent. Instead he stood back and taunted Rashad and gave him time to recover from the brutal punch. The fight then ended at the same pace as it began, boring.

However, if you look at the fight from a technical stand point and who stuck to the game plan you have to give the fight to Rashad. He never seemed to get out of control with his punching and was able to dictate the intensity of the fight with his wrestling ability. It will be interesting to see the matchup of Rashad vs Rampage. They both have such unique styles and the hatred between them makes this fight very exciting. If this fight ever happens then I am also sure that the winner will get to face Lyoto Machida for a shot at the belt. In the end it was a very average fight that did not have a lot of fireworks or hard hits. Therefore I will most likely never watch it again.

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