When most people talk about the speed or efficiency of their computer system, they speak in terms of their computer components, their computer’s processor speed, or the amount of memory in the system. The real measure of any computer system, however, needs to be defined in terms of the buss speed. No matter the size of your hard drive or the amount of memory that you have, your computer can only process data as fast as the buss speed allows it to be delivered.

The buss is the avenue through which every bit of information on your computer must travel. Every one of your computer components communicates with the processor and with each other through the buss, as information travels throughout the system along its lines of data. Alphafysiotherapie Bussum  Every program that is opened is drawn from the hard drive and sent to the random Access Memory via the buss so that the processor can access it as the need arises.

The buss speed is thus a critical measure of how well your system’s computer components can communicate and work with one another. Poor buss capacity will inhibit even the best computer components from operating at peak efficiency. Where this is most commonly seen is when new computer components are added to an existing system. A good example can be found in the addition of a new video card.

Any gamer who has attempted to add the latest video card to his system and found that it did nothing to improve the performance of his video games has experienced the importance of the buss in enabling optimum performance of a system’s computer components. If the buss is unable to handle the increased data stream efficiently, the user is going to see no improvement in the overall game performance.

The buss speed is so important that even small changes in this area of your computer will be far more noticeable than sizable modifications in other components like your processor. So, the next time you wonder why some new component you add to your system fails to perform to your expectations, look to the buss speed first.

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